Heart Scan

EBCT (Electron Beam Computed Tomography) Imaging Scanner

Introducing the EBCT C300 scanner, developed by Imatron technologies, which is the latest generation of diagnostic CT technology. The EBCT uses patented technology called electron beam computed tomography, a highly advanced CT technology that has no moving parts. Using an electron beam rather than the standard CT x-ray tube, imaging is done at speeds up to 10 times faster and with 1/10th the radiation of other CT scanners. EBCT is non-invasive, open, safe, and emits the lowest level of radiation in the CT industry.

The EBCT scan can perform imaging to create virtually motion-free visualization of the heart and vessels. With EBCT, our specialists can see premature, pre-symptomatic heart and vascular disease. Heart disease is preventable and possibly curable when detected early.


  • Heart disease is still the number one killer of Americans.
  • There are 1.2 deaths due to heart disease every second
  • 1.25 million heart attacks per year
  • Over 7 million cardiovascular operations performed each year
  • This year, 750,000 Americans will die of a heart attack.

In light of these statistics, it may surprise you to learn that heart disease is preventable, and even reversible, if you know how to protect yourself. One of the best places to start is with precautionary measures, such as dietary changes, balancing your hormones, treating hypothyroidism, exercising, and reducing your sugar, grain and dairy intake. In addition, preventative screening is recommended.


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EBCT vs. Conventional Scans

EBCT uses a very low x-ray dose. Ordinary CT scans use a much higher dose. Any coronary artery calcium scoring system on a mechanical scanner will have up to 50% or higher unnecessary radiation dose to the patient. More than 100 peer-reviewed clinical studies have reported extremely high sensitivity and specificity, concluding that the EBCT is the most reliable and reproducible cardiac imaging modality when assessing coronary artery calcification.


Who Should Be Screened?

Men and women, starting in their mid-40s up to about age 75 should consider a heart scan.If you are unsure, ask your medical provider.


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